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Lose yourself in the sights, sounds and history of Edinburgh.

Old Town Comedy Walking Tour

Only £15 per person

Raymond will lead you on a unique, comedic and historical journey of Edinburgh's Old Town.


Points of interest include; The Grassmarket, Greyfriars Kirkyard, The Elephant House, Victoria Terrace, Castlehill, The Mound, The Royal Mile and The Lawnmarket. Presided over by the majesty of Edinburgh Castle.

Enjoy the ancient architecture and amazing views of this beautiful city and laugh whilst you learn all about the history of Edinburgh and all of its colourful characters.

Please note: Whilst the walk is not especially challenging there are some uphill parts so a reasonable level of fitness is required and please wear comfortable shoes. The weather in Edinburgh can be changeable, be prepared for all weather conditions, rain or shine. Essential items can range from, sunglasses to umbrellas and everywhere inbetween.

All tours are conducted in the English language.

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